Bethany Baptist Church is a church of COMMUNITY – we gather together.  We are a church of MATURITY – we grow together.  We are a church of ACTIVITY – we serve together.  When you put these three core activities together; community, maturity and activity, you find a church that seeks to support each other, to grow in relationship with Christ, and to reach out into our community and the world.
We encourage you to come and see for yourself not just  what we are, but who we are.  Above all, Bethany is a place where you can feel at home.

Service Times

9:30am -- Adult and Teen Bible Classes
10:30am -- Morning Worship Service
6pm -- Dinner
6:30pm -- Children, ELEVATE Youth Ministry and adult Bible Study and Prayer

Daily Bible Reading and Study

Have you ever wanted to find a systematic way to read through the Bible, or a daily Bible Study that meets your needs?  Well, here are a few links to help you do just that.  Follow this link to a Bible reading plan that takes you through both the Old and New Testament in the order of events, not the order of the books.  This way you will be reading through the Bible as the events unfolded in order.  here is that link -- Chronological Bible Reading.  Looking for a Daily Devotional Guide.  here is a link to the  Daily Bread.  Looking for something a little deepper and thought provoking, then try one of these -- Encounter With God or Discovery.  For our teens, here are two SWEET sights -- GotQuestions and 412Teens.  You can use these tools to "JUMP START" your personal relationship with the Lord, or take your study to a new level.


Our DNA is GGS

We Gather Together:

We see each and every event and service as an opportunity to promote fellowship, relationship and caring  The goal is to gather together and strengthen our relationship with each other.  It does not matter whether you are coming here for your first time, have been here for a few months, or have been attending Bethany for several years.  Each time we gather together there is the time to enhance current relationships, and develop new relationships.

We Grow Together:

This simple statement provides the purpose of our gathering together – GROWTH.  Just as our DNA determines our growth as a person, Bethany’s DNA provides the opportunity for growth.  Bethany Baptist provides a place where you can grow as you learn about God through His Word.  God’s Word touches where we work, where we live, and the struggles and crisis of our lives.  It is a living book.  Where the Word of God youches it provides answers that allow us to grow through our situations, not run from them

We Serve Together:

Service is the natural outgrowth of coming into a relationship with God, nurturing and building relationships with others, and discovering what the Bible has to say about our life.  It is impossible to not get excited about the possibility of taking those truths to others.  Here at Bethany, we believe that as we get to know God better, we more easily see His purpose for our lives.  We get excited about what God is doing in our lives.  And when we get excited about something, I mean REALLY excited, we want to tell someone else about it.  That is what service is.  Taking what I now about God, His Son, and His Word, and bringing that to someone else’s.